Our Beers.


Authentic hand-crafted beers, curated by
our very own in-house Brewmaster.

Czech Pilsner

The first taste of Pilsner in Pilsen, a small town in Czech Republic had us going on a mission to create the finest Pilsner here in RedDot BrewHouse. This yellow golden lager has a malty, clean finish and perfectly balanced aftertaste, perfectly suited for the Singaporean palette.

Monster Green Lager

With it’s green look naturally coming from the chlorophyll content of spirulina. Being high in protein, this beer gives off tones of biscuit and champagne. This gastronomical experience that’s clean and light will definitely leave you wanting more!

Summer Ale

The Summer Ale is a cure for the summer spell, this exhilarating synergy of ingredients makes it a beer for any time of the day. It is floral, fruity, herbal on the nose along with a malty backbone, this beer is well balanced with a smooth yet dry finish.


Kölsch is a mixed-style beer, the world’s infamous beer style is an ale brewed at lager temperature, giving it an aromatic fruit, caramel and fragrant nose. With a flawlessly balanced malty and caramel note followed by a dry finish. An absolute long time favourite for many.


Weizen is our take on the finest German-style wheat beer, with the perfect blend, bringing out the fruity notes of banana, clove, and vanilla; we promise you a rich and creamy fullness, easy to drink with a touch of sweetness with a dry finish.

Sauvignon Ale

By carefully pulling the mineral, grapefruit, and tropical notes of a new world wine, the marriage of a beer and wine yeast proved to be a heavenly pair. A perfectly well-balanced beer with tones of grapefruit, pineapple, mango and subtle pear aroma on the nose.

India Pale Ale

Hoppy British style pale ale with a dry finish and a hoppy aroma and a balanced hop and malt flavour