RedDot Environmental Policy

As a company, RedDot BrewHouse is a huge believer in becoming an environmentally friendly restaurant and a zero-waste craft brewery. RedDot BrewHouse offers food and beverage services and producing craft beers on site at our Dempsey location. Given the scale and the size of our operation and space, we are aware of the environmental impact across our business activities.

 At RedDot, we together with all our business partners are committed to promoting greater environmental stewardship. We will continue to be innovative and creative to explore more environmentally friendly ways of running our daily business activities. We also aim to be an educator and sustainability advocate, beyond just our craft beer and food.

 All our management, staff and business partners are encouraged to abide by our Environmental Policy to achieve our goals of delivering sustainable value to our customers, and the environment.

 RedDot Key Environmental Objectives:

  • Provide information, training opportunities and initiatives to engage our employees and other stakeholders to take in environmental protection efforts.
  • Comply with all relevant environmental regulations and best industry practices.
  • Work closely with our stakeholders (e.g. customers, suppliers, business partners and regulators) to promote and to take part in environmentally sustainable practices.
  • Encourage our customers and suppliers to minimise their carbon footprint.
  • Commit to creating a cleaner and greener environment for our customers to dine in through various continuous efforts.
  • Achieve and maintain green certifications.


RedDot Sustainability Initiative:

  • Waste Reduction Through Spent Grain Utilization: One of RedDot Brewhouse's sustainability efforts involves repurposing spent grain from the brewing process. Instead of discarding this byproduct, we ingeniously utilize it to raise chickens in our herb garden. This innovative approach not only minimizes waste but also contributes to the local ecosystem by providing natural feed for the chickens and enriching the soil for the herb garden.
  • Collaboration with KOSMODE HEALTH: RedDot together with a NUS enterprise, Kosmode Health worked on a 3 years project since 2019 to come up with a special type of noodles called WOW noodles, developed using spent grains.
  • Collaboration with INSECTTA: RedDot has worked with INSECTTA since the beginning of 2017. We provide them with our spent grains to feed the black soldier flies.
  • Collaboration with Universal Aquaculture: RedDot is currently working with UNIAQUA to create a sustainable feed ratio for the Vannamei prawns. We provide them with our spent grains to turn into fish feed.
  • Collaboration with Urban Jungle Folks: RedDot provides spent grains to these urban farmers to be used as compost and in return, we get to harvest unusual herbs in these gardens.
  • Collaboration with Open Farm Community: RedDot collaborates with Open Farm Community to do a close circuit- We made a beer out of their herbs, and they take our spent grains as compost for their edible garden.
  • On Site Composting: We transfer all our food waste into compost. Our gardener will collect daily food waste from kitchen to do the decomposition. All compost is subsequently use for our garden fertilization.
  • Upcycling our spent grain into Spent Grain cookies and desserts: We use portions of our spent grain into making our own home recipe spent grain cookies and desserts like spent grain brownies.
  • Reduce usage of plastic materials: We have started the initiative to use non-plastic materials for our straw, takeaway containers, takeaway bag. We are now using paper containers, bags and wheat straw.
  • Environmentally friendly building design: Our restaurant operating in a non-Air-condition building. We use of natural sunlight to flood the building in the day, thereby reducing the need to use artificial lighting, and hence reduce the carbon footprint.