WORKSHOP-Grow your own Tropical Salad

Learn to grow your own Freestyle Tropical Salad at home

Join Mr. Christopher Leow at RedDot Brewhouse at Dempsey to learn how to grow your own tropical salad from leaves and herbs which are not just easy to grow, but contains plenty of incredible punchy flavours.

During this workshop, you will be served with a freshly prepared tropical salad and a Tissane freshly brewed using produce from RedDot BrewHouse's own Edible garden, and assembled by the RedDot's restaurant crew.


In this workshop, you will learn about:

- The history of 'Ulam' or raw salad preparations in South East Asian cuisine

- Learn about how the types of light, water and and soil conditions to grow tropical crops such as Roselle, Wild watercress, and Ulam Raja.

- Experience the unique crops such as Roselle, Wild watercress, and Ulam Raja, their flavours and applications

- Take home a small pot of plants from stem cuttings.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Will I get to prepare my own salad?

This is more of a gardening workshop, so you will learn about how to grow the crops. The harvesting and preparation of the salad will be expertly done by the restaurant's team.

  • Do I get to bring home anything?

You will get to bring home your own pot with cuttings or seeds from the workshop!

  • Is lunch provided?

Lunch will not be provided. The salad served acts more as a tasting portion more for your tea!

  • Can I bring my children or pets?

RedDot BrewHouse is a family and dog friendly space. So yes you may!